Friday, April 23, 2010

Flattrack Festival

The UK Flattrack scene is going from strength to strength right now. The first meeting for 2010 was held at Kings Lynn a couple of weeks ago. It was great to see some more specators at the event. Especially those who had made there way on bikes from all over the UK.

There are a whole heap of guys who are putting some real effort into the scene right now. Sideburn, Redmax and the Dutch Brothers are putting on a streettracker event to coincide with the racing. Along with all that this is the first meeting of the European Calander and the first time to European guys have held a round in the UK. In short the hype is building and with every event more interest is being created.

Hope to see you all there. I will be doing my best in the Thunderbike shorttrack and European Champs. Its a really friendly scene and everyone will be made to feel welcome.

If you cant wait that long see you at our next round at the BMF Rally.

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