Wednesday, April 21, 2010



The Riders Are Voters programme to raise political awareness reaches its finale on 1st May 2010, just six days before the General Election.

The Freedom Run will be held in Humberside as part of East Yorkshire MAG’s Into The Valley rally, and will be the last hustings opportunity to hear what parliamentary candidates are prepared to do for motorcycling. The run will travel from the rally site in South Dalton to the Humber Bridge, where participants will be able to hear the politicians and representatives of RAV speak.

BSH is also pleased to say that, following the late and unexpected withdrawal of its funding for Into The Valley and the Farmyard Party by 100% Biker, we have stepped into the breach, and will be sponsoring and running the custom show at Into The Valley. Of course, we will also be hosting the BSH Big Top once again at the Farmyard, while MCN will sponsor the comedy marquee.

In the meantime, Huddersfield MAG has secured a meeting with Barry Sheerman, the MP who recently referred to motorcycles as ‘widow-makers’ and orphan makers’. He will be discussing his anti-bike stance at the Field Head, Quarmby Road, Huddersfield from 8pm on Wednesday 28th April. Huddersfield MAG anticipate that there will be a goodly number of folk wanting to question Mr Sheerman, so if you do want to attend,

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