Sunday, March 11, 2012

Support Your Local Sand Racer

Sometimes they'll have a bad day.

Sometimes they’ll have a really bad day.

Every one needs a little help. The last meeting of the season is 25th March on Mablethorpe beach - and where else do you get to see free motorcycle racing? Everything from 1980s 125s to CBRs and Hinckley triumphs in the road bike classes with junior racing, mx/enduro and grass track classes in the mix.

People usually focus on the Mad Max death trap nature of someone oval track racing a CBR600 on sand rather than the actual racing, but it is the last meeting of the year so double points up for grabs, and all important championship places. Check out the results to see who can jump a place in the last meeting (assuming they get updated in time). It’s more interesting to watch when you know who is fighting for places. It is the most grass-roots racing there is. No big budgets and no prize money, but if the guy who is 2nd in the championship can pull it back to first they will be giving it everything they've got.

My season is well and truly over (see really bad day) but I’ll be going. Hope for a grey day as the sand stays wet and it is loads better to ride. It's not so nice for your ice cream break though. And as this site is partly about good roads to ride, it is a great place to get to … as long as you’re a fan of twisty B roads. My personal favourite is the Bardney to Horncastle road, but there are plenty of entertaining ways to get there on two wheels. Just watch out for the agricultural vehicles, horses and old ladies who can't see over their car steering wheels.

Er, and ok, that is a picture of me, but I don’t have any of any one else. There have been some Mablethorpe posts on Sideblog – search ‘em out. There are loads of galleries on the Sand-Race site and there is quite a bit of stuff appearing on Flickr. I don't know what the deal is with re-posting other people's pictures so have a nose at the links to get your interest going.

Oh, and if you know of a cheap cylinder head for an XL250S or CB250RS let me know ...

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